April 2013

Horses of the Chilcotin with David Williams at the Quesnel Branch
Thursday April 25th, 7:00pm chilcotinhorse


Tightly Knit Secrets Unravelled: An afternoon with Gail Pilgrim at the Williams Lake Branch

Victim-advocate and addictions counsellor Gail Pilgrim will be here today sharing her very personal book, "Tightly Knit Secrets Unravelled: My Knitting Story". When Gail found out her husband, a pastor and pillar of their church community, was a paedophile who had abused their own daughters, it turned her life upside down and unravelled the structure of her world. The book tells the tale of her life, the good and bad, and gives hope for survivors of trauma and abuse.

Everyone involved or concerned with young children is encouraged to come.  Gail will discuss the wide spread damage that is caused when sexual abuse occurs, and will explain how unexplained behaviours and illnesses can indicate that a child is trapped by being a victim and threatened to keep the secret.

Saturday April 6th, 2:00-4:00pm
gail pilgrim



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